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Fiber wireless solutions linking Business Productivity & Communications

RF-Microwave / License free Optical bridges - FSO / E Band mmWave 70/80Ghz Radios

Worldwide demands of Faster GigE speeds is growing rapidly for Next Generation

Expectations / Forecasting

Faster & Reliable GigE Internet access points for Productivity & Business expansions

  • Increased demand on Data network resources for more Bandwidth speeds / Faster processing Time.
  • Remote Workforce Internet Access users outgrowing current Legacy systems over 10 years old.
  • Average Internet connection speeds not much faster than old telephone modems.
  • Significant expenses associated with Leased cabling charges & network connectivity expansion between buildings

Challenges / Milestones

Fiber wireless radios - When Leased Fiber trenching is not an Option than A wireless bridge without the cost, complications and delays of deploying fiber optic cabling has proven to be 100% Customer immediate gratification resolving their main concerns to get Internet Connectivity & Reduced monthly T1 Leased billing.
  • Faster deployment of LAN / WAN broadband internet access & Increase in Productivity with greater secure Fiber Speeds in place.
  • Zero recurring Monthly fees - Readiness alert in Disaster recovery & Planning of workplace.

    Market overview of Fiber wireless Last Mile Communications

    Market Overview :

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