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Siklu Wireless

mmWave / eBand 70/80Ghz systems - Next Generation small cell LTE's

Siklu Communications : Leading Faster Deployments & offering robust Fiber GigE speeds.

Equinox telecom offering short & long range LTE Siklu family 60Ghz & 70/80Ghz series - 600T, EH1200 & EH 2200 FX eBand mmWave systems to meet your Mobility needs. Proven to deliver high capacity wireless connectivity in FD / Full Duplex GigE Data rate LTE technology. Built on an all-digital platform using cutting edge technology.

Allows our IT Professionals a striking Cost effective, Robust vehicle for short range LAST Mile connectivity for all Mission Critical deployments & Fiber redundancy being ultra-small and very easy to install

Low Attenuations / License Free worldwide / Rapid Deployments / True GigE Speeds

  • EtherHaul 600T - Palm sized Gigabit radio in its class for street level Deployments
  • EtherHaul 1200FX - Best value carrier grade true Gigabit radio / Last Mile efficiency
  • EtherHaul 2200FX - Urban & Commercial system, up to 2 Gbps Fiber like performance

Applications: Voice, Video & Data for all Business Communications

  • Picocell / Macro Remote Site Backhaul
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • 200+ Installations worldwide
  • Carrier GigaEthernet Back-up with FSO / Free Space Optics
  • Wireless Systems Integrators
  • CCTV Security / Gov’t / Military
  • Xtreme weather performance

Features & Performance: Last Mile true Fiber wireless LAN/WAN GigE Systems

  • Less than half the size, weight and power consumption of competing solutions
  • Spectrum efficient QPSK modulation
  • Link availability up to 99.999%
  • Advanced ultra small, high gain flat panel technology
  • Easy installation using visual alignment aid & flat/wall mount bracket (included)
  • 1000 & 2000 Mbps Full duplex Data Rate Speeds
  • License-free operation in most countries
  • PoE (just one cable handles power and data transmission)
  • Unlike competing solutions, no external power supply is needed
  • Management using built-in browser-based HTTP or SNMP v1,2c,3
  • QoS / flow control
  • 10/100/1000BaseT
  • No external power supply needed (or power supply cable)
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