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Business Communications

Time is Money & any Downtime is waste of Productivity for any growing company looking to make its' Profit investment an Excellent Return of capital - That is why Team Equinox telecom is looking out for you !

Voice over IP connections along with Last Mile emerging wireless LAN / WAN Microwave solutions has created a wave of clients who are looking at Broadband Internet access links and Data Network / Cabling experts to service them as their own business network demands grow. As a Full Service Solutions Provider - we specialize in becoming your local San Diego business Partners in all areas of Front & Back office Consulting group.

Our customer needs have allowed us to Extend our borders from So California, San Diego along to Mexico & International Outsourcing with Authorized Telecom System Integrators , we can offer the full resources & Product knowledge expertise your company's IT System Administrators may need, in any circumstances.

Business Communications

Take a closer look at what's in store with our Professional Business Services to meet your next challenges :

IP Telephony

IP Telephony Solutions that support advanced, reliable, voice communication, across your business infrastructure allowing the best integration with your operations, reducing overall communication cost among peers, improving productivity and optimizing time.

IP Telephony Solutions

HD Video Conference

Get close and personal at your business meetings around the globe without leaving your office, HD Video Presence brings you a new level of interaction with your colleagues, business partners and customers without the necessity of travel, reducing overall cost, saving you travel time, and improving your business productivity. Key Facts about this solution:

  • The latest and most advanced HD Video Collaboration Solution in the market today.
  • Enjoy Full HD Video Collaboration with lower Bandwidth required
  • Easy to use and deploy.
HD Video Conference

Data Center Level Solutions

Your network´s systems are a key component of your company’s operations, this is why it’s very important to have your systems at optimal speed, doesn’t matter if you have just a few computers in your network, an small site or a big infrastructure in your data center full of mission critical services, we are able to help you to tackle any installation, implementation, restructuration or enhancement.

We can help you providing

  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Servers
  • Storage systems
  • Power Back-UPS
  • Data Center /Site Environmental Protection
Data Center Level Solutions

Advanced Cabling Solutions

We bring the most reliable cabling solutions on the market as we implement them using the world’s best vendors.

We offer scalable, modular and certified cabling using the best practices to ensure your network´s infrastructure optimal performance all the time.

Our Copper Cabling solutions range from these 3 different categories:

  • Cat5e: The most popular cabling category, this cable can support the following speeds, 10MB/100MB/1000MB at three levels of shielding, UTP, FTP and SFTP.
  • Cat6: This type of cabling solution is becoming very popular among customers with high traffic on their networks and it´s recommended for IP telephony implementation, this solution runs at natively at GigaSpeed (1000MB) at three levels of shielding – UTP, FTP and SFTP.
  • Cat6a: This solution is recommended for Ultra High Network traffic or Data Center Environments this cable speed is Ten Gigaspeed (10,000MB), these cables are shielded in the following standards SFTP, FFTP and FUTP.
  • Fiber Optics solutions:
    • Cabling solution pre-configuration, installation, reconfiguration and maintenance.
    • On site Fiber Optic Fusion.
    • Riser Backbone optimization.
Advanced Cabling Solutions


We incorporate state-of-the-art video surveillance systems costumed for your security requirements, our solutions can record and stream High-quality HD video over IP connections making them a powerful tool against any situation you may stumble with.

pelco CCTV

Access and Perimeter Control

Yes you wish to grand access to your employees but what it´s the level of clearance they have within your business perimeter? Are they allowed to wonder around between departments? Do you have critical systems and information located in your site? You can help resolve all of these questions by implementing an advanced access and perimeter control system that will allow only authorized access to the correct area any time.

Access and Perimeter Control

Broadband Services & Consulting Partnership:
Fiber / Internet / Satellite

Sandler Partners is a private consultancy and auditing firm specializing in telecom service. Our mission is to connect our clients to the highest quality communications service providers for voice and data, while securing the lowest possible rate structure. Our auditing services include reviews of invoices and contracts, rate negotiations, and vendor selection.

Our private consultancy practice includes all aspects of telecom, but focuses on disaster recovery and business continuity planning. The company serves as a resource to companies seeking an analytical and informed vendor audit and vendor selection process amid the complex telecom market where service outages are common, overcharging is almost customary, and overpaying is rampant.

Broadband Services & Consulting Partnership
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